Completed projects

Check out the saunas, which innovation we have been able to contribute.

Client: Viimsi Spa

In addition to the renovation of the sauna interior, the steam room also received a new and improved indoor climate. We installed the Saunum Professional Series device, which is an electric heater with an indoor climate device.

Visitors spend more time in the sauna because the steam is softer and you can enjoy the sauna for longer“
Viimsi SPA sauna master Andres

Private customer

We installed the illuminated indoor air conditioner Saunum Base Solution in a beautiful wood-heated home sauna – now the steam is longer, softer and there will be no sauna fatigue after the steam.

Private customer

Please find the sauna device in the picture! We installed Saunum Base S Solution – the in-wall version. We recommend to install the indoor climate device near the heater.

Business customer

In moder times, companies also have saunas with innovative solutions. After a busy working week, it is a good opportunity to summarize what has been done with the team and head for a relaxing weekend. The Saunum Premium device was installed in a completely new sauna – an electric

heater with an indoor climate device. The sauna has a higher ceiling than usual, but everything works exactly as it should!

Private customer

One of our first installations in a small steam room. The customer wanted a Saunum Base Solution device, but was convinced that it would not fit anywhere. We asked the customer to send us the necessary drawings of the steam room and we found a suitable solution.

If you hesitate, pleased send us a plan and we will help you find the best solution 🙂

Private customer

Private customer’s steam room with the Saunum Professional with 12kW copper corner heater. A great example of how there is no need to build a hight stage with a sauna heater, but a low, solid seat is just enough.

According to the customer, the steam was the best he has ever experienced!