Patented air-blending system
5-in-1 home spa
Improved breathing comfort
Suitable for the whole family

Climate devices

Saunum's indoor climate device blends the hot steam from upper levels and cold air from the lower levels of the sauna for a smooth air-steam mixture to come out of the device that ensures a more even temperature throughout the sauna room. See the full range

Sauna heaters

Saunum's heaters are the world’s most advanced sauna solution for a superior sauna experience. Our revolutionary sauna heaters with the in-built climate equalizing system produce a more even temperature with softer, more breathable steam. See the full range

Ready-made saunas

Saunam's "turnkey" sauna solutions are designed for modern sauna users, who value design, quality, durability and their own well-being and want to enjoy the sauna in the best way possible.

Control systems

Saunum has developed a next-generation self-learning smart sauna control unit that is convenient and easy to use. Three pre-settable sauna types let you heat the sauna with just a few taps on the screen.


Saunum presents an array of premium add-ons and accessories designed to elevate your sauna experience.

Patented air-blending system

Our heaters trap the scorching steam that rises under the ceiling of the sauna room, mix it with cooler air on the floor surface – and direct the soft steam back evenly.

This ensures a more even temperature of the steam, and the oxygen-enriched steam makes it easier to breathe.

Patented air-blending system
Longer lasting steam
Improved breathing comfort
Suitable for the whole family

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5 in 1

Home spa solution

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Saunum Base

An indoor climate device specifically crafted for saunas, in addition to a wood-burning or electric heater. Learn more

Saunum Experience

An incredibly versatile two-in-one solution to compliment any sauna. Learn more

Saunum Luxury

Comprehensive solution for larger or public saunas. Learn more