Saunum Base

A climate device for a sauna with a wood-burning or electric heater. Saunum Base solves the main problems of modern steam saunas that use classic wood-burning or electric heaters, such as temperature stratification, brief yet scorching steam, and low breathability. The unique Saunum Base sauna climate device, which complements the heater, fits in every sauna, ensuring a more even temperature with a softer and more airy steam. Himalayan salt balls and the unique features of the device make each sauna a relaxing spa experience.
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Great for small saunas
Sauna heaters

Saunum Spa Session

Saunum Spa Session is a unique heater with a sauna climate device. The patented air mixing system ensures exceptional steam that is soft, long, and evenly distributed throughout the steam room. Spa Session offers flexible installation options.
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Aroma Oil Set

Aroma oil set kit includes sauna oil, an aroma bowl, and a pipette.
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Ready-made saunas

Discover Saunum’s exquisite range of ready-made saunas, meticulously crafted for your home or backyard. Our mission is to deliver a sanctuary of relaxation and rejuvenation, ensuring an unparalleled sauna and spa experience. Elevate your well-being with Saunum, where quality craftsmanship meets innovative technology, setting a new standard in the sauna industry.

Remotely control your sauna experience
Control systems

Saunum Leil 1.1

Includes control device with temperature and door sensor and none heat resistant touch screen.
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Perfect for Saunum heaters
Sauna stones Accessories

Sauna heater stones

Set of polished or unpolished heater stones
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