Saunum was born in cooperation between scientific thinking and technological innovation

The development work was supported by research done alongside Tallinn University of Technology, in which was analyzed the thermal stratification and air movement in the sauna room.

The aim of this work was to solve the problem how to achieve an even temperature, at both the head and foot levels


Balanced sauna climate

Saunum solves one of the main problems with traditional steam saunas: uneven temperature distribution. Our patented air-blending system ensures a more even temperature from head to toe.


Without climate function: WITH SAUNUM
Head level 108 °C / 226.4 °F 91 °C / 195.8 °F
Foot level 27 °C / 80.6 °F 65 °C / 149 °F
Difference 81 °C / 177.8 °F 26 °C / 78.8 °F

* Development work in cooperation with Tallinn University of Technology, during which thermal stratification and air movement in the sauna were analyzed.


Patented Air-Blending System

Saunum’s patented Air-Blending System distributes the steam more evenly from head to toe, creating a soft and balanced climate within the sauna where it’s easier to breathe and healthy negative salt ions are added to the air.


Unique benefits

Saunum’s sauna devices have a unique patented system of mixing air layers - solution that improves the sauna climate

5 in 1

Different sauna types


Positive feedback


Easier to breathe


Safety tests

A much more rewarding sauna experience

Saunum’s devices allow you to enjoy a traditional hot sauna – and thanks to the climate control system, you can relax there for even longer. The softer steam is easier to breathe, meaning water can be thrown more often to increase steam yield and air humidity, ensuring a more intense sweat.

Due to the even temperature and humid Saunum sauna, the body starts sweating faster, and the sweating lasts longer

The feeling of soft heat and high levels of oxygen creates a much more energizing experience compared to ordinary saunas

Natural Himalayan salt balls inside the sauna climate device together with Saunum patented salt spray method enrich the air with salt ions

Adding a Saunum patent pending sauna aroma system that blends steam and aroma oil, you can create even more enjoyable sauna environment