Saunum Base S

Saunum Base S Solution is indoor climate device for saunas that equalizes the room temperature. The device is designed in addition to a wood or electric heater. Base S device is integrable (it is installed behind the board).

Saunum Base S

An indoor climate device that draws hot air from upper air layers and cooler air from the lower air layers. Inside the device, the air layers and the steam are mixed and a cooled air-steam mixture leaves the deviceensuring a more equalized temperature from head to toe. Himalayan salt balls have been added to the device, which have a good effect on the skin and the respiratory tract.

By changing the settings, the device allows you to turn a regular sauna into a hot steam home sauna.

What changes:

  • the steam is longer and softer for the whole body,
  • active sweating is increased, 
  • the sauna session is longer, 
  • a sauna session has a stimulating effect.

Design options:

  • body colours: stainless steel

An indoor climate device fits in every sauna. Send a picture and ask for free advice!


Technical properties

  • Height telescope 1690-2300 mm
  • FuseB2 A
  • Connecting cable3x1,5 mm
  • Supply voltage230V-50/60Hz
  • Output60W
  • Different airflow speeds3
  • Salt balls7
  • Weight 20 kg
  • Safety distance from the heater according to the instructions of heater


A set contains:

  • body colours: stainless steel
  • salt balls:7 pcs
  • touch-sensitive switch

In addition to the temperature environment, all models require a power cable

Techical assets