Saunum Premium

The Saunum Premium Set is a two-in-one solution – an effective combination of the Saunum Base Solution climate system and an electric heater.

SAUNUM Premium Set

The Saunum Premium Set climate system works quietly and distributes the steam and the temperature evenly in the whole sauna, which guarantees active sweating for the entire body. Additionally, Saunum Premium Set releases into the air ions of Himalayan salt, which results in a healthy effect on the respiration and skin.

This solution is suitable for those who want to get the best sauna experience by upgrading their existing sauna or while planning on building a new one.
The design has been kept minimal and modern to communicate the technological innovativeness of the product.

Technical properties

  • Power6 / 9 kW
  • Size of sauna5-9 / 8-15 m³
  • Amount of stones70-75 kg¹
  • Size of stones5-10 cm
  • Height140-210 cm
  • Depth41 cm
  • Width75 cm

¹ The maximum volume of the stones depends on the type of stones used.

Techical assets

Documents will soon be added. With any questions do get in touch with us.

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