Saunum Primary

Saunum Primary Set is a two-in-one solution – an effective combination of the Saunum Base Solution climate system and an electric heater. By changing the settings, the device allows you to turn a regular sauna into a hot steam home sauna. Saunum Primary Set is suitable for the use in apartments and private houses.

Saunum Primary Set

An indoor climate device mixes the steam from upper levels and cold air from the lower levels. The air layers and steam are mixed inside the device and a smooth airsteam mixture comes out of the device that ensures a more even temperature throughout the sauna room.

What changes:

  • The steam is longer and softer for the whole body
  • Active sweating is increased
  • The sauna session is longer
  • A sauna session has a stimulating effect

Technical properties

  • Output4,5 / 6 / 9 / 12 kW
  • Size of sauna4-6 / 5-9 / 8-14 / 12-16 m³
  • Amount of stones60-110 kg
  • Size of stones5 - 10 cm
  • Height1800 -2400 mm
  • Depth324 mm
  • Width460 mm
  • Different airfl ow speeds3
  • Weight40 kg
  • Safety distance from the heater150 mm on the sides, 150 mm on the front


In the set:

  • electric heater with an indoor climate device
  • tenns
  • Salt balls

Requires in addition:

  • Remote control
  • Stove stones
  • Power cable suitable for the temperature environment

PS! Before ordering, please contact our sales managers to find better solution that works for your sauna.