World of Saunum

The Beginning

The story of SAUNUM is based on a nostalgic perception – the gentle heat of a 100-year old smoke sauna. Inspired by such a vivid memory and feeling I wanted to create a similar sauna at my city home. Equipped with my knowledge as a thermal engineer, I set out to redesign and rediscover the classic sauna.

Andrus Vare


The Story of the Creator

After several trials, the main problem remained the same – how to eliminate the stratified layers of hot and cold air?
Andrus Vare built a particular type of solution which allowed mixing the upper and the lower layers of air by creating a more balanced and soft climate in the sauna. Besides that, the sweating in this type of sauna with flowing air was more intense. To make this personal solution even better and added value for provide more health benefits, the salts were added.
Additionally, Andrus collaborated with Tallinn University of Technology to run scientific research to better understand what most affects the distribution of air in saunas. The idea was to set up a new design method that help to develop better saunas and break the contradictory myths around modern electric and traditional wooden saunas.
Based on this study, it has been shown that heating a sauna takes time –
is needed for the air to be distributed a balanced way.
The study further showed that most of the saunas are built in a incorrect manner way from an air distribution point of view for the following reasons:
The air ventilation is uneven due to the vast hot air extraction from the top. This creates stratified air layers, and the burning hot air remains only on the upper level of the sauna.
The level of the CO2 was in the most of the saunas much higher than recommended (over 2000 PPM), which causes fatigue and accelerates the heartbeat. The heart work consumes most of the oxygen in the body to cool down the brain.

Due to these discoveries, the importance of SAUNUM’s solution was evident. To improve the sauna experience in order to get the maximum health benefits, and make it accessible to the broader audience, SAUNUM patented the solution created for bettering the sauna climate and made it available to the public.

Andrus Vare worked out a patented solution for saunas that guarantees equal heat distribution in the sauna room. This special climate system distributes the steam equally in the sauna room and adds Himalayan salt ions into the air, which have a healthy effect on the respiration and skin.