Saunum Professional

Saunum Professional Series is a two-in-one solution – a working combination of indoor climate device and an electric heater. This solution has been especially designed for Spas, public and larger saunas.

Saunum Professional Series

Saunum Professional Series air conditioning system works quietly and distributes the steam and the temperature evenly in the whole sauna room, which guarantees active sweating for the entire body. Due to the equilibrated atmosphere the effect is relaxing and puts one into a meditative state of mind – a naturally occuring feeling of wellbeing.

Besides, device exudes to the air ions of Himalayan salt, which a healthy effect on the respiration and skin.

The wall version can also be ordered in brushed steel or copper. A copper electric heater with an indoor climated device is perfect both at home and in the public sauna.

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Technical properties

  • Power12 / 15 / 18 / 23 kW
  • Size of sauna 14-40 m³
  • Amount of stones200-220 kg
  • Size of stones 5-10 cm
  • Height 2150-2350 mm
  • Depth 600 mm
  • Width 750 mm
  • Different airfl ow speeds 3
  • Weight86 kg
  • Safety distance from the heater 250 mm on the sides, 250 mm on the front
Technical assets

NB! Before ordering, we recommend you contact our consultants to find out which solution and device would work best for your sauna.