The Concept

Saunum developed a unique technology that distributes the hot and the cold air in a sauna evenly. The sweating process of the body becomes more intense and efficient while at the same time the experience itself becomes sublimely balanced.

Unique Health Benefits

“Saunum invites to explore a New Nordic Zen – an innovative solution to elevate a sauna experience and make it accessible and enjoyable to everyone”

Active Sweating

Sweating is more intense as a result of the continuous circulation of hot and cold air, and constant balanced temperature in the sauna.
Saunum devices ensure that the heat exchange between the body and the surrounding air is even.

Salt Ions

Saunum’s unique patented technology releases salt ions in the air. Besides purifying the air, salt ions increase lung capacity, reduce physical ailments, promote healthier skin and sounder sleep, and allow enjoy sauna for people who suffer from several allergies.

Healthy Temperature

Saunum’s patented technology maintains in saunas even air circulation while preventing upper layers from becoming too hot and lower layers from becoming too cold. This creates a health-promoting environment and makes sauna pleasurable for everyone.

Introducing Saunum

The world´s most advanced sauna solution – Saunum brings you whole a new way of sauna.
Take a look at the different Saunum devices we have created and find the one that suits you the best:
  1. Saunum_ai1r
  2. Saunum_ai2r

How it Works

Currently, one of the main problems in modern-day saunas is an unevenly distributed temperature: the top levels are too hot, while the lower levels are too cold. This, together with a lack of oxygen at head level and steam that both scalds the skin and doesn’t last long, results in an unpleasant, tiring sensation.

Saunum solution devices mixes steam and cold air from the lower levels and distribute throughout the room, creating more moisture and even temperature which leads to more efficient sweating. On the upper levels, more oxygen becomes available. This provides a pleasant, healthy experience and narrows the differences in temperature. 


Our partners

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